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Websites have become essential for modern businesses regardless of the type or size. The best way to enhance any brand is by eliminating geographical boundaries via the internet. As professional website designers, we are experienced with a wide range of marketing strategies to help businesses attain both growth and success.

Our websites are designed carefully with thorough planning, creativity and insight to construct the perfect foundation for future growth. From the very beginning, our web developers’ goal is to increase brand visibility by attracting visitors to a high-quality webpage that converts users into clients.

You see… when a consumer is searching for information, products or services, chances are they will conduct an internet search and read some of the reviews left by previous customers. If the consumer does not find a business, the opportunity for a sale or client is lost. The same is true if the website does not meet the expectations of the consumer.

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Components Of A Quality Website

There are specific characteristics we have learned are essential for every quality website including:

Modern Layout & Style, Easy Navigation, Clean/Concise, Mobile Friendly, Functional & Well-organized, Reliable Hosting & Security,  Branding, Creativity, Fast Load Times

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Web Design No-Nos

To be considered high-quality, certain elements must be eliminated including:

No Grammatical and Spelling Errors, No Outdated Design Traits, No Broken Links, No Blurry Images or Unappealing Clip-art, No Missing Pages (e.g. Privacy Policy)

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The first impression or initial contact point for every potential customer is the website. Consumers will examine a website before making contact with the business. If the website does not look appealing, the consumer will quickly bounce and search for a competitor; and chances are, they’ll never return to your site.

Think of your website as a digital showroom that facilitates the sale of your good or service prior to having any contact with the customer. When consumers view your site, they’ll decide instantly if your business warrants a second look. This is how opinions are formed!

Your website is the most critical first step towards your future success.

A quality website also needs to contain specific information including contact details, location and hours of operation. We make certain this information is easy to find. If the business has social media profiles, we link them with buttons. We make it easy for consumers to find solutions and answers.

Our web design is visually appealing to ensure consumers like what they are seeing. Our websites are designed to look good regardless of the browser. We conduct tests to ensure our websites look and function correctly for every type of browser. Since a large percentage of consumers use mobile devices, we ensure the site functions well.

This means designing and building the website for optimal mobile viewing.

Saving Money vs. Quality

The Process

The first step is asking clients a few questions to understand their business and determine a budget.

Next, we review dozens of exclusive designs created specifically for the business. If available, we obtain content and images from clients to construct the look and feel.

After preliminary construction is complete, we receive feedback and make as many revisions as necessary.

Once the final design has been selected, our client receives complete ownership of both the design and copyright. We only download high-quality files and make certain our client loves the design before proceeding.

Saving Money vs. Quality

One of the most common misconceptions we see is business owners believing spending less money to create a website is a good decision. Some business owners create a website using DIY programs resulting in a low-quality website. In the long term, more money is lost than gained because the site does not offer the quality consumers require.

We understand a business only makes one first impression. If the impression is poor, sales will not be made, growth will not occur and the business will fail. Investing in a high-quality website is one of the first steps to success. A website is an opportunity to show the public what the business has to offer.

The design must be a reflection of the business, draw in consumers, answer questions and represent the business professionally. Purchasing a cheap website will result in the loss of profits. We also realize time is an extremely valuable commodity to every business owner. If too much time is spent attempting to create the ideal website, the business can suffer from a lack of attention.

Consider the fact many of the largest and most successful businesses are able to offer lower pricing because the majority of sales are gained through websites. Yes, a showroom is important for many businesses, but in the digital age, many are online. Imagine how much space would be necessary to accommodate thousands of different items in a physical showroom.

Now consider the expense of purchasing or renting the space, paying employees, upkeep, insurance and utility bills. Suddenly, the cost of our professional website design services becomes appealing. Business owners and managers are not professional designers or digital marketers.

Unfortunately, many businesses designing DIY websites eventually hire professional services because they do not receive the results they need. During this time, there is no way to be certain how many potential customers were lost, nor how much internal damage has been done. The best option is to have a professional website designed from the beginning to help ensure the success and growth of the business.