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Google Ads

Taming The 800lb Gorilla

Google Ads

With all the noise online, it’s hard to decipher which marketing channel is right for your business. But listen closely when I say, Google Ads still reigns supreme when it comes to immediate online sales and lead generation.

Sure, Social Media Marketing works, but if you need real time sales, on-demand form submissions, and/or the phone to ring this minute, not tomorrow or next week, then Google Ads/Pay-Per-Click advertising sits on the thrown alone.

Where most business owners fall short:

Google makes pay-per-click sound simple, so business owners try to tackle the beast themselves; not realizing the complexity of the system and ongoing management required to be successful. Often, owners start promoting with Google Ads Express, because it’s easy to get started.

However, it’s even easier to burn through your ad budget. Business owners start PPC marketing campaigns without clear objectives… for instance, not understanding the searcher’s intent, not knowing breaking even costs to get a positive Return-On-Investment, undermining the competition, having under-performing landing page or marketing funnels, and the list goes on.

    Another oversight is not understanding the price of admission on brand new campaigns, or when entering new markets. PPC requires testing and tweaking to find those hidden gems or little pockets of air that breathe life into your business. If you think you can copy what others are doing and be successful… Think Again! If you only do what everyone else is doing, your business will SUFFOCATE!

Google Ads is King, but even the king needs the right council!

Atlanta Marketing Minds will ensure your ad campaigns are strategically structured for optimal success from the very beginning. When you work with us, you’re not hiring a PPC manager, you’re aligning your business with ours to integrate and dominate your market place. We don’t require contracts that lock you in for 6 months to a year, because if you’re not completely satisfied you should be able to move on (Period).

Let Us Breathe Life into your business with continued optimization, split-testing, and reporting that’s proven to make your campaigns profitable, while you focus on the day-to-day tasks of running a business. Right below, you’ll find our Game Plan for taming Google and making them listen to our every command!

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