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Atlanta Marketing Minds: 21st Century Marketing

Atlanta Marketing Minds is a locally owned digital marketing co. who’s primary focus is on helping business owners gain “Top Recognition”, in highly competitive markets, by using the most powerful research tool in the world today… The Mind.

We start every business relationship with a meeting of the minds, where we get in the hot seat together and hammer out the best marketing plan for our clients to dominate their market — whether locally or nationally.

We take pride in our ability to forge solid relationships with our clients by keeping things ultra-simple, incorporating their input from the very beginning, and speaking in “Plain English”; the only language most small business owners truly understand.

Our goal is to educate our clients on marketing in the 21st century, and in return, get a pulse for their market, so we’re both in a better position to grow the company; and experience total market domination without the repeated glitches and hang-ups.

If you’re interested in teaming-up with Atlanta Marketing Minds, and taking your business to the next level, we feel it’s important for you to get to know the person behind this amazing establishment. [Continue Below To Meet The Owner]

Meet The Owner

Dexter Fulton attended Stetson University and received a marketing degree from Georgia State School of Business.

He owned and operated a Sports Bar and Grill in the late 90s, and led the marketing activities for Top of the Line Turf Management.

Fulton dabbled in real estate, with Metro Brokers, for more than 6 years before entering their referral department where he remains a licensed and active real estate agent.

In 2007 he entered the world of Network Marketing, which strangely landed him in the pioneer stage of online marketing, a.k.a… “The Wild West”.

Also in 2008, Fulton went on to earn the certification of Internet Marketing Specialist and started his own Search Engine Marketing Company in 2009.

Mr. Fulton… founder of Atlanta Marketing Minds, is a Google Ads Partner with advanced certifications in Search, Mobile, Display, and Video advertising. He has extreme knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (Local & National), Google Analytics, and Specializes in Social Media Customer Acquisition. In addition, he’s the co-owner of Top of the Line Turf Management, and has been performing SEM since 2008.

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