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Social Media Madness: A Touch of Social Genius

Important Notice: Our full “Social Media” marketing plan is located below this article. However, if you are interested in the future of search engine domination, then read this article and discover what we call… social media madness; or just scroll down to get a sneak peak into your future.

Social Median BrandingIf you’re a savvy entrepreneur who’s looking to thrive in Google’s Mind-Boggling Matrix, you better incorporate Social Media Madness into the core of your marketing and branding strategy.

You see… as Google prepares it’s algorithm for the future, it’s becoming ever so clear that the merger between social media and search engine optimization (“Social SEO”) is here to stay, and relying solely on prehistoric organic marketing methods (Doing SEO The Old Way) will be the end of your rankings and traffic.

A Serious Problem in the Boiler

Whether you saw this coming or not, it was pretty hard to prepare for what Google had brewing in the boiler. And by pure genius, Panda, Penguin and countless other updates were released, bringing forth the demise of low quality content, fraudulent link building, anchor text manipulation, and over optimization of keyword focused webpages.

Henceforth, search engine marketing would never be the same, and the rise of social search would be a true game changer.

How You Can Compete Going Forward

For the handful of marketing companies that were insightful, the constant algorithm updates brought on prosperity and a horde of traffic (for them and their clients). But for the vast majority, the dust still hasn’t settled, and frustration has begun to build in place of anxiety. If the latter strikes a nerve, then implement Social Media Madness and reconcile your business.

Welcome to Social SEO: The “HEMI Motor” in Ranking Dominance

Atlanta Marketing Minds understands your pain, and has developed a proven approach for tipping the social scale into your favor. We’ve put together a smooth blend of social triggers to help stimulate your website, and resuscitate your rankings. Think of this as a social diet where we trim the fat that’s causing your site to be sluggish, and replace it with lean muscle mass.

Hold on to your pants, cause your about to get glance at our secret recipe for Total Social Domination. Check it Out!


What's Under The Hood

Social Silhouette

We take the “Top 5 Performing Social Platforms” (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter) and brand them with your own unique twist. We literally build out your profile to make you the expert in your community which causes you to gain fans instead of followers. Then, we sync everything with your website, thereby making your brand congruent across each platform (Complete Awesomeness).

Social Bookmarking

We take 5 active URLs (of your choosing), an bookmark them immensely to a mix of popular social networking, micro-blogging, and social media sites. You get a diverse set of links from real human social media accounts. Plus, a flux of social traffic knocking on your door.

After each URL reaches market domination, we retire that URL. archive it, and replace it with a new URL. This process continues as long as your account is in good standing. Delicious!!!

Social Integration

Here is where social and search comes to life, and the secret sauce is baked into action. We integrate the core of your blog with the “Top 5 Social Networks” to signify your social presence. This really ramps up your search engine optimization and makes way for Search Engine Authority and Unique Social Branding that makes your business stand out in the crowd.

We even go a step further, our team of highly trained writers will write your blog posts to ensure they’re targeted to your audience, keyword & content rich, and well structured to capture the readers attention,

Once your site becomes socially integrated… the sky is the limit!

Social Power

This is where we amplify the entire process without breaking the bank. You see… a smart approach to being social has nothing to do with the platform, because everyone has access to the same platforms. The difference is in the skill and experience of the digital marketer.

Anyone can post content, but what sets us apart from our competitors is getting you maximum exposure. Our Social Ads Strategy will build your brand, increase your following, showcase your reputation, and bring you more business (sales/clients). We’ll take your content, videos, images, and reviews to the next level by injecting them with a smart marketing strategy.

You’ll be putting your social media on autopilot while we add fuel to the fire!

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