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Dexter Fulton, CEO of Atlanta Marketing Minds                       
Dexter Fulton
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RE:  Disgruntled Business Owner

Dear Small Business Owner,

You may be wondering what can an Atlanta Local Marketing Expert do for your business, how will hiring an expert increase your bottom line, or better yet, does hiring one fit into your budget at all? 

If you don't know the answer to these tough questions, now is the time to take a serious look at your business, and decide, whether or not, you're ready to compete in this tough Atlanta Market.

You see... today's consumer is educated, decisive, and aggressive, but at the same time impatient.

They know what they want, and they want it NOW!

It's not the consumer's fault, their wants and needs haven't changed, however technology has, and this shift has made the end user naturally impateint.

But here's the kicker -- your competitors are capitalizing on their impulsive behavior... Are you?

While you're micro-managing daily operations, your competition is using technology to dominate your local market leaving you in the dust.

You Can't Afford Not To Be Findable In Today's Market 

Small businesses should understand that the Internet is replacing the Yellow Pages.  And just like the Good Ol' Days of the Yellow Pages, when a customer starts searching they are usually ready to buy.

It's no longer the question of when will they buy, but whom will they buy from.

Will They Be Able To Find You?

If your local business doesn't have an internet presence as part of your advertising strategy then you probably can't be found in the place where 80% of potential local customers start their search for your product or service.

You see... most consumers search the internet before asking family and friends for advice; by making your business findable, you'll be able to convert a healthy percentage of searchers who'll never look any further for help.

Your Customers Expect You To Be On The Internet

Whether you are a real estate agency, plumber, dentist, lawyer, contractor, it doesn't matter, if you can't be found on the internet you are losing business. 

Even if you have a website, if it's not being promoted, you might as well slap up a billboard in the desert; neither will bring customers.

Does Your Current Web Site or Internet Advertising Convert
Visitors Into Customers?

If you are in business to make money then your website should have a sole purpose. Convert visitors to customers!

While many business websites are nice to look at, they completely ignore the principles of salesmanship. Remember the goal is not just to have a website.  It's to make money.

So don't confuse having a presence on the web or web design with internet marketing... Big Difference!

Geographically Targeted Searches For Local Business

Is your local business competing with national companies for front page of the search engines?  If so, that's a loosing proposition without an SEO Expert.

Doing the right things to be found locally by your customer base requires an entirely different strategy than that employed by national branding websites.

However, if your product or service is being delivered nationally and locally, then we can tailor a strategic plan specific to your needs.

The Fastest Way To Get In Front Of Your Potential Customers

Your online presence isn't limited to a website.  The internet is constantly evolving.  According to a recent study search engines are now the #1 Media Type Consumers Use to find local businesses... that means you!

Did you know there are several avenues for customers to find you online even if you don't have a website?

You can start attracting new customers in as little as a few hours.

Our methods are designed to get you found fast by utilizing our special arsenal off site campaigns for your business.  Direct response methods are implemented to drive traffic to your web site, telephone, or storefront utilizing:

Online Coupons

Directory Submissions

Google and Yahoo Local Listings

Regular Ad Submission To Online Classifieds

Social Media

And much more...

Local Internet Marketing is not about having a web site.  It's about being found by local customers ready to do business with you.

"Get Your Free Report"

                  Don't wait... now is the time to gain a Competitive Advantage on your competitors, and mark your online territory.
                  You owe it to yourself and your customers.  So -- go ahead and make your business findable.

                  Warmest Regards,
                  Dexter Fulton, MKT
                  Atlanta Marketing Minds
                  Super-6 Instructor

                  P.S.  Don't miss your opportunity to Dominate Your Market, while your competitors are still hitting the snooze


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