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Internal Link Structure

4January 2023

Control Page Rank With Internal Link Structure

Internal Link Structure | Proper Interlinking For SEO

Internal Link Structure is one SEO technique that gives you full control over the keywords in your anchor text, and it allows you to pass page rank within your site. However, this strategy is often overlooked and can be quite confusing for new marketers, who may not fully understand the power of a good internal link structure.

Interlinking Structure – Simplified to Basic Knowledge

First, let me define anchor text and page rank.

Anchor text is a descriptive word or phrase used to link to other pages or websites on the internet or within your website. The anchor text usually describes the web page or site to which it is linking to, and is often highlighted to appear different from the other text on the page.

Page rank is a numerical value assigned to web-pages that receive links from other relevant websites on a particular niche or topic. Page rank can be interpreted as a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A for page B.

However, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. You see… by receiving links or votes from sites relevant to your niche and/or a site viewed as an authority in your market, then the link is deemed more valuable than 50 or 100 irrelevant links (or votes).

Anchor Text & Page Rank

Now, lets examine how the internal link structure ties in with anchor text and page rank.

Each page on your website should link to another relevant page. Sometimes, you’ll have reciprocal linking within your site which is fine, however one way internal linking is the way to go.

Internal linking (on your site) allows you to pick the keyword or phrase in the anchor text that describes the web-page you’re linking to. This acts as a vote for that particular web-page from the keyword or search term.

Also, linking internally allows you to pass page rank to a particular web-page by pointing one-way links to a web-page within in your site. For instance, if you want to boost the page rank of your money page, then you would use anchor text to link any relevant page on your site to your money page. This gives you control of which page receives page rank, and will aide in the flow of traffic.

As a marketer or online business owner, don’t make the mistake of under estimating the power of a well balanced internal link structure. Many marketers dominate their niches by simply implementing good internal linking; proper linking can help with nudging out the competition.

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